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why a feminist zine fest?

Why not? Seriously though, social activist bell hooks defines feminism as “a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.”So much of the work we create is inherently feminist and we thought it would be powerful, beautiful, and necessary to create a space for our feminisms. A space to build community and friendships, a space to exchange ideas.


why perzines?

Collectively we have been tabling zine fests for years and noticed a decline in the number of perzines being created/sold/traded. Perzine stands for “personal zine” and is one of the most powerful forms of personal narrative writing. We believe strongly that stories – our stories – not only bridge necessary gaps, but build true community.

Activism starts with stories. Folks making connections through stories fuel grassroots activism. The more connections we make, the strong we are. The stronger we are, the stronger our revolution.

Zines, in particular perzines, ARE AN ACT OF RESISTANCE.