safer space policy


This policy outlines the measures that MFZF organizers commit to in order to ensure the physical and psychological safety of LGBT+ people, trauma survivors, and people of color within the physical and online spaces of MFZF.


As organizers, having a FEMINIST zine fest to us means creating a space where all women, queers, and nonconformists can equally participate in and feel comfortable in. We recognize that aggressive, discriminatory, hateful or violent language makes places unsafe for marginalized people. This safety can be physical where someone fears for their bodies, or it can be psychological where someone must be constantly on guard and cannot speak from a place of openness and vulnerability because they are in the presence of people they cannot trust.


This is created with the acknowledgement that spaces that (tacitly or explicitly) allow discriminatory, prejudiced, hateful, or threatening language are disallowing a true diversity of ideas and limiting discourse. Where hate and prejudice are not confronted, marginalized and targeted people are not able to speak freely. Freedom of speech is not possible unless views intended to suppress and discount marginalized people are not present. Without the voices of people of color, LGBT+ people, and survivors, we cannot claim to have true freedom of dialogue, we cannot claim our space is equitable or just, and we cannot claim that our space is Safe.


To protect free speech, solidarity, and unity at MFZF, we realize we must make our spaces safe, to the best of our collective abilities.


To ensure a respectful and open environment for all attendees, please note the guidelines below:


  • Inquire about and respect the physical and emotional boundaries of others.


  • Always get explicit verbal consent before touching anyone or taking anyone’s photograph, and make sure folks feel they can opt out.(i.s. “Would it be okay if I took a picture of you?”). Also make sure folks consent to having their photo posted/tagged online!)


  • Be respectful of others.  We will not tolerate theft or the destruction of property.


  • Content created by the tablers is not pre-screened or censored. If you should find materials to be oppressive or problematic, or if you witness or experience prohibited language or behaviors, the organizers of the MA Feminist Zine Fest ask that you reach out to us so that we may investigate the issue and take appropriate action. We will be clearly identifiable onsite and will intervene as needed. The MA Feminist Zine Fest reserves the right to ask anyone in violation of our safer space policy to reconcile their behavior or leave the fest.

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