A medium for sharing stories that aren’t represented in mainstream media), that address topics such as systemic oppression, resistance, identity, and gender fluidity.


Self-published, usually in small batches (less than 50).


ANYONE can make a zine. Like YOU.


Distributed by the zinester, either independently or through distros.


Labors of love not for profit.

Want to use zines in your research? Watch this presentation I created!


Validation of Personal Experiences.

The personal is political.

You are an expert of your own lived experiences.


One way we combat oppression & privilege is by arriving at a place where we cease to be silent.


Examination of the role of power in the production of knowledge.

The purpose of education is the emancipation of oppressed groups.


All you need is yourself and an idea.


You can handwrite your zine, use a computer, a typewriter, crayons, whatever you can find!


Really, it’s whatever you want to do because it is YOUR zine.


You will need scissors, glue sticks, some paper, and a photocopier.


The rest is up to you.


You matter. Your voice matters. Your stories matter.

For zine making tips, just Google! There are many websites out there dedicated to zine tutorials and tricks & tips!

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