I am a queer feminist residing in the magickal city of Salem, MA.  My work is guided by feminist magickal activism and how it intersects and explores social justice in the form of reclaiming the shadow self. The shadow self is our most authentic sacred self that begins separating from us at the moment of our birth and continues fading throughout our childhood. This separation causes depression, fragmentation, and isolation; just to name a few. My magickal activism focuses on the reunion of selves through narrative writing, zines, collage, and shadow work.

I believe creativity is a necessary component of healing and magickal work. I believe that each of us is inherently magick whether we realize it or not. I believe that through self-reflection and a willingness to participate in artistic play, we can reclaim our magick. 

My method of reclamation is through zine creation, button-making, shadow booking, and leading workshops. All of my zines and buttons can be purchased through this website. If you are interested in booking a zine or shadow booking workshop, I'd love to work with you.

Remember, you matter. Always.

Love and resistance,



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